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     Lamp Shades*

You may already have nice lamps in your Man-Cave, but you would love to change the Shades to give the room Man-Cave a more Rustic Outdoors Manly feel to it. Well we can hook-you-up with Camo Lamp Shades for almost every need. By simply changing the shades on your lamps you can change the entire look of any room. 

(Plus the following pics give you an idea of the different styles we can use when making your custom Camo Lamp when material is in stock*)

                                          RealTree Max-1©                               MossyOak Break-Up Infinity©                             True Timber Conceal ©           

 A.                           B.                            C.    

 A.                            D.

       RealTree Max-1©                                     True Timber Conceal ©



Just imagine going from this...

To This...    


NOTICE: We are being forced to raise Shipping prices - price change coming soon.

I'm here to help make some sense of the ordering  process. Please keep reading...

1. You need to order one or more Lamp Shade/s, or more, to go along with your one-of-a-kind Lamp. Here is where you will need to choose a Camo pattern from the choices above. We offer the 3 most popular patterns on the market. If you have a pattern in mind that we do not show here, just ask. We can probably get it.

2. Next we will need the size of the Lamp Shade you currently have that is being replaced by one of our Camo creations, or ask about the size that fits your Lamp. If you are ordering just a shade... here are three sizes we need to know. Please scroll down to where it says "How to measure your Shades" there you will learn what measurements we need to replicate the over-all size of your Lamp Shade/s.

3. Lastly, we need to know what sort of Spider you currently have on your Lamp Shade. We need this info because we must match-up the Shade Spider to your Lamp. For this you need to scroll down again until you see "How to measure Holding Spider" . As you can see, the holding Spider is what holds the Shade on top of the Lamp.

Important information:

All products are hand-made by either my lovely Wife or myself. The only components that Carolina Camo Creations© does not  manufacture are the electrical components. There are some things in life that should be left to the experts and Electrical parts is one of 'em.

All lamps come ready to use. Every lamp made by us is sent in complete working order. After deboxing the lamp and the shade, all you do is... attach the shade to the lamp, screw-in a light bulb, plug-in to a wall socket, then turn the knob on your lamp and you are good-to-go. Now you are ready to show-off to your Hunting buddies. ( We recommend using no bulb higher than 60 watts. Bulbs NOT included )

Payment Policy & Ordering Instructions

We have been ripped-off on the Internet so I had to come up with a secure payment policy for you the customer and of course our business. 

With that in mind I came up with a payment policy that was almost fool-proof. I have had so-called Internet experts tell me that I will lose a lot of spur-of-the-moment customers because I will not accept Credit Cards or Bank Cards. So be it. I would rather the customer have a flawless experience with Carolina Camo Creations© than have one customer bad-mouthing me, my Wife, or the company, because a CC denied a payment or Pay Pal denied a customer Password and kept a customers money. So here is our policy...

Carolina Camo Creations© will only accept two methods of payments.

A.  We accept Personal checks and/or Corporate checks. 

B.  We accept Money Orders. 

NOTE... Money Orders must originate from a Nationally well-known company like Wal-Mart, Target, U. S. Postal Service, or 7-Eleven and Flying J type of Gas/Convenience/Truck Stop centers. We do this so we can easily check with the stores that the M.O. is legitimate.

It can take 3-4 weeks for us to complete building your order, so this gives plenty of time for payment to clear your Bank, Credit Union, etc. Be assured that the very day we get your check in the mail is the day we start building your order. But... We DO NOT Ship until payment clears Bank, Credit Union, etc. No exceptions.

To start the ordering process... simply Email us at   we can then start discussing your needs and come to an agreement on your one-of-a-kind camo creation. 

If you are ready to order simply send payment for the Lamp/s you have chosen...

Make check or Money Order to:  David Swanson

Send to: Carolina Camo Creations

                  P.O. Box 1641

                  Mars Hill,  NC  28754

                 (Phone number will be given after first email contact. We only do this for Privacy reasons)

Please include your contact information including both Phone Number and Email address so we can talk to you about any special needs or requests you have concerning your order.

We look forward to working with you soon. Really we do!

How to measure your Shades

We need measurements to make and design a Shade that will work for the lamp you are wanting to change out. 

1.  We need to know the diameters of the top and bottom of each shade you want Camo Crafted (see example A and B on diagram below).

2.  Then we need to know the Slant Height (see example C on diagram below).

Now scroll down to "Holding Spider" instructions...

                                        A                                                                   B                                                                 c                                                                                                                                                                                                 


How to measure Holding Spider

 The Holding Spider is the steel wire frame that keeps Shade attached to Lamp. Some Spiders simply go across the top of the shade and meet in the center where there is a small hole where it fits over the Harp. Take a look at this cut-out top section of a lamp shade and you will see what I mean...  

Or see the examples we have below.



*Camo material is sometimes hard to keep in stock because it is a seasonal item. That means that there are times that we run-out of certain materials and cannot re-stock from the manufacturer until they make another run of that particular coded pattern. I will update this site immediately if and when running out of a pattern.


Your Man-Cave Camo Lamp Creator - David Swanson



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